Get to Know Dean Michael

The Very Rev. Michael Guernsey ("Dean Michael" as he's called around here) became Holy Cross Cathedral's second Dean in November 2018. He is a life-long Anglican with experience in children's ministry, youth ministry, worship ministry, as an associate pastor, all in addition to serving as a rector (Sr. Pastor) prior to coming to Holy Cross.

Dean Michael is passionate about worshiping wholeheartedly, preaching the Bible faithfully, and sharing the good news of Jesus joyfully. It is his desire to see lives transformed through the power of the gospel, and to send church members out in the power of the Holy Spirit to reach those far from Jesus--both in the local community and around the world.

Dean Michael is married to Tracy, who is a singer, voice and piano teacher, and stay-at-home mom. They have two children.

Something fun about Dean Michael: Michael and Tracy met because their parents (who did not know each other previously) sat next to each other on an airplane, and by the time they had arrived at their destination the parents had decided that they wanted to set Michael and Tracy up on a date! The two met shortly thereafter and were married a little over a year later. Way to go parents!