The Cathedral Chapter

The Chapter (also called a "Vestry" in parish churches) oversees Holy Cross’ practical matters such as purchase of property, approval of the annual budget, and deals with legal and corporate matters. In addition, the Chapter acts as a parish council which assists the Dean in overseeing spiritual/ministry affairs of the church. Chapter members are elected each year for three-year terms on a rotating basis.

The 2017 Chapter is:

The Very Rev. Dr. Henry S. Baldwin, Dean

Russell Killebrew, Dean's Warden

Ren Knight, Church's Warden, Buildings and Grounds Liaison

David Rogers, Treasurer, Synod Delegate

Kameron Edenfield, Secretary, Synod Delegate

Lindrick Butler, Planned Giving, Assistant Treasurer

Debby King, Inreach & Pastoral Care

Harry Daugharty, Fellowship

Mike Champness, Young Families and Children's Ministry, Synod Delegate

Ann Franks, Missions Advocacy

Jim Llewellyn, Discipleship

Mike Purvis, Outreach

Steve Ryall, Student Ministries, Synod Delegate