Holy Cross Community Groups

Acts 2:42 - "And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."
Looking to connect outside of Sunday mornings and grow spiritually? We have a number of Community Groups beginning or continuing this spring you can join:

Loganville (2)
Hosts: Jeff and Vicki Schlender - jeffschlender@gmail.com; vschlender@gmail.com Focus - Inductive Bible Study and Fellowship (Mark)

Hosts: Collin and Katie Setterberg – collin@hcanglican.org; kasetterberg@gmail.com
Focus - Couples Community (studying 1 Peter beginning at Easter) - childcare available!

Lilburn/Stone Mtn
Hosts: Bill and Sheila Sharp - sharpbill@comcast.net;
Topic: Bible Study

Hosts: Bill and Betsy Lowndes - blowndes@lowndeseng.com;
Focus: Families and Bible Study (Matthew) - Children welcome and childcare provided!

Hosts: Allison Beach, Ted and Susan Griswold - tedgrisw@gmail.com;
Focus: Book or Bible Study (D. Jeremiah currently and 1 Peter beginning at Easter)

• Groups that meet at Holy Cross
B.O.S.T. (Brotherhood of St. Timothy)
A.C.W. (Anglican Churchwomen)
Men’s Bible Study – Wed. mornings at 6:30 – Chuck Lewis – 4081979@gmail.com
Women’s Bible Study – Wed. mornings at 10:30 – Jan Pennington - pennp@comcast.net
Stations of the Cross – Fridays (and everyday during Lent) at 12 Noon – Richard Bresette

Contact Pastor Collin at collin@hcanglican.org for questions or about starting a new group.